Welcome to W. S. Hill, Mechanical Design!

Everyone needs an extra pair of hands now and then. If there is one constant in business, it is that markets change, demand changes, and you have to adapt to that change quickly in order to be successful. It can be quite a burden.

Do you hire the extra people to get the work done and get caught up? Or do you struggle along with your overworked staff, burning the midnight oil? Then there are the costs in overtime, employee good will, and mistakes made by people operating on too much stress, too much caffeine, and too little sleep.

The alternative isn't attractive either. Adding employees means additional overhead in the form of benefits, health care costs, vacation time, holiday pay, an additional seat of CAD software, and more. Add to that the fact that what you really want is someone who can be productive right out of the box without a lot of hand holding. You want someone who is not only willing to ask questions, but knows which questions to ask and when.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get those additional man hours without all the trade-offs? 

W. S. Hill, Mechanical Design can help with that.  We provide our own software, office space, personnel, etc. Our staff has more than twenty years of experience to draw from, so we can be productive on day one. Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Ready to step up to 3D? We can help you with migration of your legacy 2D designs to 3D CAD models and drawings.
  • Capture your prototype design and convert it from component parts to 3D models and production ready drawings.
  • Already have solid models, just not the time to produce the drawings? We can provide shop ready drawings from your 3D models.
  • We can provide fully detailed and annotated 3D models and drawings from your legacy 2D drawing, sketch, prototype, specification, sketch, or a doodle on the back of an envelope.
  • No matter what the reason, whether you lack the time, the expertise, or the software to develop it into 3D models and drawings, we can help.
  • We can provide detailed inspection drawings and inspection forms along with your drawings using SolidWorks Inspection software.
  • Prefer to go paperless? We can provide fully dimensioned and tolerance 3D models produced using SolidWorks MBD, that can be shared with your suppliers, customers, and shop floor using eDrawings viewer.

We've standardized on SolidWorks 3D CAD and can provide files in a number of common CAD formats. We've worked with other packages, so if you have a special need, please ask. We can't maintain all of the platforms, but if it makes sense, we're willing to invest where needed. 

We have experience in machining, fabrication, assembly, CNC programming, metrology, quality assurance, production planning, supply chain management, resource planning, project planning and more. Our experience comes from transportation, consumer product, and medical device industries. In short, we've seen a broad slice of what there is to see in today's manufacturing environment. Perhaps we can be that additional pair of hands next time you're confronted with the need for additional staff.

There's nothing to lose by asking. If for any reason we aren't able to help you, we can and will recommend someone who can and we will assist you in  connecting with them. No costs, no strings attached, just good customer service the way you should expect to receive it. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss what we can do for you. We appreciate your consideration and thanks for visiting.

Recent News

As of April 15, 2014, the USPTO issued Patent #: US008696672 which is the first patent issued bearing my name as a co-inventor. The patent is for an abrading tool for preparing intervertebral disc spaces. The mechanism is fairly simple but it serves the purpose for which it was intended and provides a basis for further development. I note it here as a personal milestone, hopefully the first of many more to come.